Windows X (codenamed Phoenix) is the sixth major release of Windows NT, Microsoft's desktop and server operating system. Windows X was released on May 13, 2001 for a price of US$149.99, $10.00 more expensive than Mac OS X 10.0. It was the successor of the Windows 2000 and the predecessor of Windows XP.

Features Edit

  • Taskbar
  • Command Prompt
  • Outlook Express 6 — email client.
  • Windows Address Book
  • Microsoft Office X
    • New programs:
    • Portable Doc X
  • Full preemptive multitasking support
  • Luna - also available on Windows XP
  • Built on Windows NT, a Microsoft operating system.
  • OpenGL
  • MSN Search X — desktop and web search engine.
  • Protected memory — memory protection so that if an application corrupts its memory, the memory of other applications will not be corrupted.

System requirements Edit

Minimum Recommended
  • Pentium or compatible, 233 MHz
  • BIOS or compatible firmware
  • Pentium or compatible, 300 MHz
  • BIOS or compatible firmware
Memory 64 MB 128 MB
Hard drive
  • 1.5 GB
  • Master boot record used
  • +662 MB for Service Pack 1
  • +679 MB for Service Pack 2
  • +1.9 GB for Service Pack 3
  • +901 MB for Service Pack 4
Media CD-ROM drive or compatible
Display Super VGA (800 x 600)
Sound hardware N/A Sound card plus speakers/headphones
Input device(s) Keyboard, mouse

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